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Those Craquelins look great. I'm making some now (the dough is currently retarding in the fridge) and I hope mine come out close to yours. I'm using a formula from Eric Kastel's new "Artisan Breads at Home" (also from the CIA) and it's pretty similar to Chef Miyagi's. I hadn't heard of craquelin until we made them during a class I took at the CIA a few weeks ago, taught by Chef Kastel. I found your blog while looking for other photos to use as references. I'm in the midst of a career change (I've got a non-traditional baking business idea) and your blog has some pretty good advice - I'm trying to find a job at a local bakery so I can learn, and so I can be more sure that I'm thinking about things the right way. You've got a great blog, and are really performing a great service! Thanks! And congratulations on your wedding.
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Jun 3, 2010