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Flukey Luc
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Ever since i first watched the movie Christmas Day 2010, I noticed a feeling that i had never really felt that strongly before, and no matter how strange it may seem i had fallen deeply in love with Neytiri. Ever sonce that day i have wished every single night that i could be with her (now i am not a religous or supersticious kind of person but i am actually starting to pray hoping it could allow my one and only wish to come true[still no luck though]. So now every time i watch Avatar not only does it make me feel absoloutely crazy with jealousy but it also makes me feel heartbroken and sometimes even brings a tear to my eye nowing i will never be with her. I just wish to be with the one that i love no matter how stange or sad it may sound i just can't help myself. It is just simply not fair!!! :{
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Jan 31, 2011
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Jan 31, 2011