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I'm a regular guy serving an awesome God.
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And the link tweeted :)
Mandarin (but if non-modern languages allowed, Koine Greek)
A quick way to confirm I'm not interpreting a passage in some crazy way :)
Tweeted about the giveaway
True meaning and significance from knowing your Creator.
Powerful post and prayer! Thanks for sharing. Great news on the accelerated doctor's visit - I'll be praying for a clear and actionable diagnosis.
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Nov 29, 2010
Sounds like a great book. I'm looking forward to understanding Galatians better, in particular the applicability of OT laws for the Christian today.
Great video Rob, thanks for sharing!! What an amazing difference the pastors and mission and GCC are making in the lives of many people in India. God bless you guys! :) -- Larry
Michael Hyatt has an interesting review today as well: "The iPad: An Elegant Solution in Search of a Problem" at (And... oops on the name, Greg - I followed Geoff's retweet to find this post. It's all his fault!! :)
Really nice review, Geoff! My feels so far are quite similar, though I think I can say I love it. What I don't know yet is if that's due to new car smell, or inherent awesomeness. Size, screen, portability, long battery power, Kindle and Bible apps are wonderful. I'm glad much of my data is in the cloud, but do any serious writing in Word. I too was bummed by case and dock not working together. I'm finding the ease of 'quick access' is also super. One swipe, two seconds to launch, I'm in my app instantly. Compared to 3 minutes to boot up laptop or 1 1/2 to wake from sleep and launch browser, then navigate to YouVersion, the iPad rocks. I'm in and out more often. It's definitely more than a toy. Although, best of all perhaps, I love my kids sitting in my lap and playing games together on it :) I look forward to your update in a few months. I'll do a review soon as well.
Excellent job on the book Tim! I've been looking forward to it and finally got to read it. While I imagine many churches and pastors will spurn it or ignore it, I pray that for those on the edge trying to understand how to build a bridge to outsiders while remaining true to the gospel, that it might be inspirational. My review is at: Larry
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Tim - thanks for making the survey available! I was curious from your previous mentions what went into it. As I look at this and your Focus on Five, the tie-in is very clear. I hope we can do something similar at our church (editing to match our focus to better measure progress of course). I think we've been clear at sharing our goals, but a survey would be a great tool to find out if we've hit the mark.
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Excellent plan Tim, thanks for the encouragement of sharing that seemingly outlandish thought. That's become a recent goal of ours too. The best financial decision my wife and I ever made was to start tithing from the start, while making $13,000 a year. The amount is small but not only is the return high, it's easier to start early than after you've adjusted spending habits to match income. When a person makes the shift in attitude from "I'm the owner of my resources" to "I'm the manager of God's resources," it's so much easier to think kingdom thoughts and prioritize your finances and time.
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A thoughtful post, Tim - thanks. On looking up the defintion of 'spiritual' I was surprised to see list a it as a synonym of "immaterial" (ouch, does that fit your post thesis for what sometimes goes on in church!) They also define it terms of "concerned with, or affecting the soul." which is probably closer to what you meant by the most spiritual thing to do sometimes is to stay away. I've been really blessed this week by folks stopping me at church and telling me how something 'minor' I've done really had a big impact on their lives. I try to remind myself that going to a worship service isn't all about me, it's about God - but it's at times like these that I realize a big part of "going to church" isn't for being spiritual or for feeling a lift, but for providing a lift for someone else, for encouraging others, for building up the body. The body is of course, the real church, not the building. I agree with you sometimes the best thing to do is stay away, but also point out that genuine spiritual health in terms of a spirit-filled life making a difference to others - can't be maintained without church attendance and involvement. The irony is that leaders need to be told its ok to stay away while the uninvolved need to be encouraged to participate. (Sorry for pointing out the obvious but that's what comments are sometimes for, right? :)
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Welcome to the blogosphere, Tim! I love the books, simply great. Calvary Baptist Church here in West Lafayette, Indiana shares your focus on leadership, being down-to-earth, and biblical.
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