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It's not your father's (or mother's) crisis communications simulation any more.
David, the funniest line in this is the phrase "our primary objective is to leverage the Company's leadership..." They leveraged Carol right out of the company!
Awesome production, thanks for highlighting it, Dan. I would love to hear from the team that produced it about the challenges they faced getting concept approval, scripts, and assembling all the archival stuff. I'd also love to hear about their budgets. Productions like this are not for every company, but smaller companies can certainly do motivational, heritage-based video projects. it doesn't have to be this ultra-polished, just the idea that a company values its employees and their mission would be a powerful message!
You hit the nail on the head, Donna. We live in a world fixated on viral success, and Twitter followers, and Facebook fans, but for six years now I have been evangelizing the value of Podcasts as the Final Jeopardy answer to the questions that people ask Google to help them solve problems. It doesn't matter if a podcast only gets a few hundred or a few thousand listeners, if they are the "right" listeners. Podcasting can be a very important channel for demonstrating thought leadership or subject mater expertise. Steve Lubetkin Managing Partner, Professional Podcasts LLC @PodcastSteve on Twitter
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I'm always reminded of the great 1960s commercial for Barney's New York, which back then was a discount clothing store (today it's an upscale suit/fashion emporium). The teacher went around the classroom asking the fourth graders what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers included the predictable: police officer, fireman, doctor, teacher, and finally, it was Barney's turn. "What about you, Barney?" asked the teacher. Thinking for a moment and tapping a cheek with his finger, Barney says, "Well, you're all going to need clothes..." Which is what has led me for the past five years to say "Well, you're all going to need podcasts..." Steve "@PodcastSteve" Lubetkin @PodcastSteve on Twitter
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Mar 30, 2010