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Lovely things!
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2013 on GIVEAWAY / JOULES - CLOSED at BLEUBIRD BLOG
Oh my loveliness!
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I always thought I was the only one who approached squash this way (great mounds of glorious globes and swelling crooks) and wondered if it was really quite all right. If Molly says go, it must be so. I am most relieved.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2013 on in the details at remedial eating
Thank you. And no, the conversations never stop. At least, not with my 15 year old or my 40 year old in-laws. You are marvelous.
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Oh, America. This race issue-- it is such a big one here. And so difficult because it lurks beneath the surface of everything, yet is completely unacceptable to talk about. How do we create dialogue and move forward when half of the people want to pretend there's nothing going on and the other are clinging to hurt and anger? I'm a grown up and I find it heartbreaking, confusing and difficult. It is hard for me to comprehend how it must be for your sweet boys, and a large part of me doesn't want to think about it because it is so painful. But then we'd never get anywhere. I applaud your courage and your love. Thank you for helping all of us to move forward. Sending you love and love and love.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2013 on start small. build. at all buttoned up.
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As a fellow PPD survivor, I applaud your calm awareness and acceptance of the situation and the possible realities it presents. You are a pillar of courageous strength, and so aptly named.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on 23 July at Uncommon Grace
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My French sister-in-law and my husband do crepe duty around here, which I will never argue with or complain about. Her secret to perfectly smooth batter is to add a tablespoon of melted butter (although everything else in the recipe looks the same). She also insists on buckwheat for savory, wheat for sweet. But we may bend the rules a bit when she's away.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2013 on it's what we do at remedial eating
Oh, precious girl. I often think how blessed the life of youngest ones is--how powerful to look around you and find immediate love in so very many forms, from so very many people. Sending you all wishes of joy and laughter (which I've no doubt will be easily met!).
Toggle Commented May 20, 2013 on annabel is two at SouleMama
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The world would be a dimmer place without liberal sprinkling of cummings and petals each spring. And peanut butter/chocolate bars add a certain something to it all, too.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2013 on in Just- at remedial eating
They just get it, don't they?
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Happy birthday, sweetest of babes. The world is better for your being in it. xo
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on The First One at all buttoned up.
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It is a whole new experience, isn't it? And I always feel badly for the poor first born who must take the brunt of her (his) parents' ignorance and awkwardness and not-quite-there-yet scramblings. But I do think they know our intentions, and I do think they know when they are loved, and this compensates for a multitude of errors. At least, I am certainly counting on this. I also find it interesting how many parents throw their hands up with their pre-teens and teens. Mothers and fathers who would discuss feedings or sleep routines endlessly with their babes will now dismiss their much-more-grown children with a "well, they will grow out of this, and what can I do now anyway?" There is not a lot of dialogue for effective parenting of older children, and I find that somehow odd and unsettling as I do not think I am any less important for their well-being now than I was then. Well, that was longer than intended. Still, wishing you and your sweet boy marvelous birthday celebrations. xo K
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2013 on the first dozen at SouleMama
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Oooo...fairy castle! Such fun. :)
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"Joy disproportionate to the work of walking out the door. " Oh Molly. Thank you for this space.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2012 on disproportionate joy at remedial eating
Such lovely silks!
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2012 on SouleMama Sponsor ~ Mosey Handmade ~ at SouleMama
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We love Nova!
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2012 on SouleMama Sponsor ~ Nova Natural ~ at SouleMama
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Wowzers! Now THAT would be the best package ever, wouldn't it?
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2012 on SouleMama Sponsor ~ Natural Kids Team ~ at SouleMama
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