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Kyle Phillips
Charlotte, NC
Interests: Aquatics
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There is nothing more rewarding that recreating nature in every detailed aspect in a home aquarium, or at least to the extent that it can or should be done. It is an extremely exciting experience, witnessing something twenty years ago was thought to be impossible: the symbiotic relationship of various marine organisms. While this could be said about captive breeding, certain fish, or any number of marine topics, I am referring to Symbiotic Relationships. I have had the privilege to be the witness of two completely different symbiotic relationships in my Nano Reef tank. I never anticipated that such a relationship could occur in such a small tank with such different inhabitants. For awhile in my tank I had two clownfish, arguably the most popular saltwater fish living happily in my tank. While they were introduced after the addition of coral, it wasn’t until about a month after that I introduced two heads of hammer coral into the tank. It was about the same time that I was taking high school biology, and learned about symbiotic relationships. While I found the subject interesting, I never thought I would be able to recreate what I saw in those videos, in my... Continue reading
The gold australe killifish is an uncommon but beautiful fish, and is one of the first out-of-the-ordinary fish that I have ever managed to breed. If you’re like me, and you don’t have a ton of time and money to devote to breeding, these are the perfect fish for beginners to try albeit being somewhat difficult to find. Known scientifically as Aphyosemion australe, these fish tolerate most normal freshwater aquarium conditions, being affected only by far out parameters. Not only are they extremely hardy, but they are really easy to breed! In captivity, the Gold Australe Killifish lives for approximately 3 years, making them one of the longest living killifish. While it isn’t as simple as your common guppy, breeding the gold australe killifish is a rewarding experience nonetheless. To breed them, put a pair of them in a 5-10 gallon tank alone. The easiest way to prepare the killifish for spawning is to feed high protein food, such as bloodworms, mysis shrimp, nutri-diet fish eggs, and high quality flake food. Inducing a spawn is as easy as putting a 'spawn mop' (a “mop” made of yarn) into the tank, and waiting patiently. The eggs will be clear when laid,... Continue reading
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Jul 30, 2010