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Cards always take away the Phillies momentum. We are going good, but St Louis steals the way. Shoot the Squirrels!
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I addressed this issue about Muslims in 2008. Why don't these believers of Islam police their own followers of the Religion that seeks Peace and Harmony? Simple answer is that it's all a delusion. Down deep in their hearts and minds they see nothing wrong with the perpetrators of terror moving their beliefs forward at any cost. If they really wanted to stop this carnage of innocents, the moral avenue is to identify the jihadists. But they don't. Islam has never been a peaceful religion from its on-start. Conquering, destroying, extinguishing any belief, but their own from a book of rhetoric evil teachings.
Spring Training will dictate who will be playing where. If Mayberry is still true to form from last year, I don't see him platooning with anyone. Whether he's at 1st base or LF, his right-handed bat is necessary in the line-up. I also believe RAJ is holding out for another move by July.
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I'm curious as to Fielder's GNC history. Braun went undetected and won MVP. Is 'the Prince' testing out?
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Maybe that's what this Phils Team needs... Attitude! Young and dumb, and full of Come.
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This entire Phils bench was the worst producers we ever had, except for Mayberry. For a manager that supposed to know about hitting, Charlie gets a "poor decision".
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Nov 4, 2011