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I think what I love best about conversations like this is that they happen all over the web. I'd never see it on AngelList (not in a startup, not an investor) and I might see it on Quora - but I suspect there'd be a lot of bizarre attempts at editing on your behalf. Instead, Twitter told me that Robert, Bryce, and now you had all blogged about AngelList. What I really got out of it was 4 things. 1) People are passionate about AngelList no matter which side of it they land on. That means it's effective in its disruptive efforts. 2) There's still no tool that quite catches all of the threads of any one conversation. I have to listen quite carefully to figure out who all is putting in their 2 cents and where. Hopefully you'll help fund a startup that fixes that. 3) I learn more about investment funding by following VCs on Twitter & Quora than I ever did prior to their existence. It brings the Investment world out of the Valley for the rest of us. 4) You are totally still wordy when you're passionate - rock on.
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Feb 28, 2011