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Thanks, Dan — I've much enjoyed this sequence. Congratulations on Ollie's birth and all best wishes to you all for your life in Australia.
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Really enjoyed this post, Euan. In education (my line of work), pastoral "knowledge" is currently very hard to pass on and dies away the moment a brilliant tutor or teacher leaves a school. The same is true of what really makes for a good lesson — a spirit not usually caught in the snare of an official inspection! Blogging about pastoral life, and even classroom life, is problematic precisely for pastoral reasons, but suitably anonymized and at a distance from the event (where necessary), such blogs could make a wonderful contribution to our work in schools.
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This is kind of like what I wanted to write in "response" to Lowri Turner's odious nonsense, but far, far better than what I would have written. Thank you.
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I first heard the Pavarotti/paparazzi confusion the week following the death of Princess Diana. I ought to blog the anecdote — it's a classic London cabbie (taxi driver) tale!
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