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"You can build a strong case for the Flyers' comeback. However, since they didn't eventually win the Stanley Cup, and most fans were long off the bandwagon until Game 7, it's hard to choose them as our top moment. I'm willing to bet that most fans, myself included, had, at best, a casual interest in Games 4 and 5." The Phillies didn't eventually win the World Series, and just because you and others were personally a bandwagon Flyers fan this playoff doesn't make the accomplishment any less significant. Though I guess you're right, I do agree that Halladay did more for the city than the Flyers playoff run, and probably should be number one on this list, but I disagree with your reasoning. A casual interest in Games 4 and 5? That's very disappointing, CrossingBroad. Otherwise, nice list. Great year for Philly sports all around.
It's honestly a toss up between this comeback and Halladay's perfect game / no hitter. I guess because he did BOTH, maybe... I don't know, you could really put the whole comeback vs. the Bruins and Halladay's work as a tie for number one, and I think we all would have been fine with that. :)
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Dec 31, 2010