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Luis Roa
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I don't know Mr McClure to make complete sense of the rant. Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned, but this was too "ghetto" for me. It is quite interesting that most find this humorous, well written, etc. It seems that the lowest denominator continues to be the direction we are headed. This trend manifests itself also in the quality of the more recent crop of startups. Instead of solving hard, worthwhile, technical problems, most are about minor variations of a theme, which can be coded in a weekend... Only network effects and luck results in being a winner. This will lead to sooo many disillusioned young engineers, as their dreams evaporate in failed startups... the field and the country will suffer, while the VCs, playing the odds, will still laugh their way to the bank... It is irritating to see rants like this and one can't but think: what a lucky bastard! (...I read his bio) I guess this makes me a hater... oh, well..
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Sep 22, 2010