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Mr. Chia - I still cannot get my head around the fact that there is not a greater reaction to your writing as I have been forwarding them to all the blogs or groups I belong, I would also suggest you translate this in the french language and at least have in printed on the front page of one Cameroons major newspapers as I think you have the journalistic powers to bring about change through your writings. Please do all you can to reach out to a larger audience than The Chia Report. I personally will be sending you a personal email as I would suggest you create a support group to assist you financially to carry out your investigations without bias, as we face a daunting task come 2011 to get rid of this dictator of ours.
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Mr. Innocent - This is the type of investigative Journalism/Journalist we need to help us set out country free. It is sad that recently Achidi Achu has been supporting the fact that Biya made all his money working as a civil servant, now we all know that as J. Ndiforchu with no mining experience is a shareholder of Geocam together with JM Aleokol - alias Paul Biya. When judgment day shall come there will be blood for these suckers
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Thank God to have someone like you Ernest who can write about the Cameroonian economy to the extend that the lay man and those of us in the diaspora can make some decisions about investing back home. This is a great article for all Cameroonians to read and understand the importance of credit in our economy and also how important it is to respect the credit terms so that we can continue to receive them to boost the economy of our beloved country. I personally think that in the absence of banks leanding credit to small businesses and individuals, our economy cannot grow beyond what it is today. What the banks and govenrnment need to do is to exstablish a credit bureau just the USA with a credit rating systems to extend credit to those that deserve to end a credit. Love your article and will keep looking for more. Please contact me @
Red Flag- You seem to be a trained expert in explosives even though I doubt based on how you spelled the exploives to be used against "Gouverneurs", I wonder why you are so good in what you do, but yet asking others to do. Lead by example, and not by preaching gospel, I am sure you have never heard the sound of a bullet before. What ftriot wrote about the org. getting its act together will even work better when we start planning to use "1 LITRE OF PETROL. YOU CAB BURN DOWN A GERDAME STATION OR A GOUVERNEURS HOME AT NIGHT. THERE IS AMONIA NITRATE, WHICH CAN BE USED TO SABOTAGE" Before this is done, it is important that it requires cordination, and I am sure you realize that Al qaida is succeeding because they are well cordinated and speak in one voice. For SCNC to make a case, they have to be a unified bunch. Adieus and good luck if your "AMONIA" will explode, and remember blowing up SONARA means the entire southern Cameroon will suffer, and hope you have plans to rebuild it.