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Luke Allen
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Dang it, Wil, now I have to get an Audible account too. First it was an email account that wasn't tied to my school, then a Kindle app to get ebooks, then an iTunes account to download My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -- I mean, Sym-Bionic Titan, and then a deviantArt account to post my MLP fanfics. Now I gotta get an Audible account too. At least I don't need a Wordpress or Typepad account to comment here. Yet.
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Quite fun! Except... I could have gone my whole life without seeing him swing loose.
As I was voting in today's mill levy election, I took the time to read the ballot. Suddenly, my conscience struck. It took me a whole five minutes to talk myself out of voting to continue taxing landowners to fund public schools. Albuquerque has a growing number of charter schools, and every time I pass one, I smile. The free market for minors' education is growing. Can you imagine if the public school district was so unable to meet their funding they had to sell an entire school to stay solvent? Can you imagine the free market saying, "We'll take it from here," and using the facility for a real education?
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Feb 2, 2010