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Luke Churchill
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Mike is a good guy (I guess - I don't know him), but he has a very stong vendetta complex. If anyone ever criticizes him, something in his mind snaps and he launches a demented crusade to annihilate that person.
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I like Mike, so I'm not really here to "damage" him. But I uncovered what I think may be a stealth jihadist who comments frequently on Mike's facebook page. I don't know what his ties are to Mike, but when I presented this evidence to him, he pretty much dismissed me and gave this Afghan photographer a free pass. Check it out: *shrug* Just thought this info might be useful to you guys because I'm frankly too lazy to really investigate this guy and his ties to Mike. To me it looks like Mike has teamed up with yet another shady Afghan photographer.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2011 on Michael Yon goes full batshit crazy at BlackFive
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Sep 28, 2011