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Thanks Chris. I usually refrain from commenting on blog posts, as it usually equates to a discussion about which console is better, or Hitler. That is exactly what I plan on doing. I found myself selling video games the other month to make room for books. Asimov, Lovecraft, Clarke. Staple authors it seems (though not for my generation), but it beats most of the stuff on the shelves in Asda. Change is something we all strive for I guess, but its value differs. Western society currently lives in the instant satisfaction era. I suppose that is why change isn't as longed for right now, its not instant. Technology gets faster, communications, but not ideas. Nothing personal, because it all requires time. I suppose I'm genralizing a lot there, but its hard not to think that. Cheers Chris, always a pleasure.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2015 on The Merit of Letters at Only a Game
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This response was so eloquently written and directly reflects on how I perceive change in the world. After reading 'Foundation' when I was around 16 I started to think more into this mindset. Change myself and hopefully those around me, because changing the world so quickly isn't going to happen easily. Small individual changes can have drastic results. My generation (20 y.o's) is full of "But there's nothing I can do about it" sayers, it is a shame. Which is strange. One could argue that our world has become an extension of ourselves (or vice versa), to some degree, and not many people care. An attempt, as the letter puts it, is worth it. For the record, I wish I could write that well and apologies if I've missed the mark with this comment. I consider this a heavy but insightful read, especially for my puny brain haha.
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Feb 20, 2015