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lisa m
Brooklyn, NY
loves being a stay at home mom, making things, listening to music, traveling, taking pictures, reading.
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Lovely cards! Love your use of pattern paper. I am not good at picking out paper for my cards. Perhaps I over think it?! Thanks for sharing!
Love the string of lights and all the other cards!!
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Great backgrounds!! Thank you for all the inspiration!! Must go play now with my stuff! :-)
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Congratulations! Wow! Awesome!...Had to wipe the drool off my keyboard! Sorry about that! :-) Everything here looks wonderful!! I would love to win the whole kit and kaboodle! Thanks so much for the chance! Happy World Card-Making Day!!
So adorable!! Thank you for sharing!
I love making jewelry and I love trying all different techniques so this is definitely something up my alley! I love making other crafts too so I don't think this is just limited to jewelry! Oh! I'm so excited!
I really love her stencils but I can't wait to try the stamps!!! So happy that they are shipping! (crossing fingers, hope I win a sampling!!)
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Aack! You're killing me over here with all this fun new stuff!
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oh my GOSH! How awesome! I can't wait to check them out!
OOOH!!! SO excited about this new product!!
ooh! What fun all these are! The wine glass charms and bookmark is definitely something I want to try!
you guys really got some great inspiration! Lots of great ideas!
I love how you used the exclamation for the sun rays! I am really liking the newspaper skyline!
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so super cute!!
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these are great! Zig Zag stamp, top of the list!
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2011 on 2012 Hero Arts Catalog Blog Hop at Kelly Purkey
These are all great! It's hard to pick a favorite!
What great projects! I do love the gift box! I have definitely inspired by Tim's tags and have been doing projects that are NOT tags because I'm not a big tag person! Doing a lot of holiday cards right now!
What great inspiration everyone got from the tags! I have been so inspired that I'm trying lots of fun techniques and using a lot of the supplies in my stash! So fun!!
oh yes! I am SUPER excited!!
I like tangerine!
lisa m added a favorite at Thompson Family-Life
Dec 21, 2010
Well, there was a time where my cat was trying to prevent me from sewing! His name is Neo and he is a true scaredy cat. Whenever my husband pulls out the vacuum cleaner, he runs into the craft room and onto my sewing table. Generally I don't like him on there but when I'm not sewing, I don't mind. Well, this time I wanted to sew! I tried to gently shoo him away (he's not a skinny minnie either! He's quite fat!) And of course he wouldn't move and he started batting his paw back at me! And I batted my hand back at him! We were like, in a duel! Who will win this battle? Needless to say, of course I won! And now whenever he is on my table and I want to sew, I put out my hand like a sword and say 'on guard!' (I think that's the correct term?!) And prepare for battle! Lisa lulu AT thebunnylog DOT com
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Now that I'm a mom, I totally love this!
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