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I barely have enough motivation to vote in my state, much less write letters. Even our urban hubs, with the exception of one, are extremely conservative and will continue to vote ineffective, stubborn, and frustratingly right wing representatives into office. What real difference would my disregarded, likely-not-even-read letters mean here in Texas?
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I've moved my blog to preserve my anonymity, and one of my first and favorite posts there might be something that you'd be interested in, Greta, considering your love of BtVS. It's a commentary on the end of Angel Season Four and how it's a parallel for new atheists coming out of conservative Christian backgrounds. The first time I watched it, I didn't even get that impression. The second time, I wondered why I didn't notice! Being Fred: Coming Out Atheist Among the Faithful
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I'm fat-positive for other people and have to fight tooth-and-nail to be fat-positive toward myself (which I think is common). Most of the time I lose. My aesthetic preferences for female appearance, while varied, doesn't include my own body type. Above all, I want to eat healthier and do more exercise and feel actively thwarted by variables mostly out of my control right now. This is encouraging for the future in which I am in more control. My main efforts are going to be to not police my eating efforts, but to try for moderation. I enjoy working out, especially with the TV on, and I plan to have an elliptical machine before I have my own sofa. It's worth it to me, because I greatly miss having that kind of work out. The truth is, I've hit critical mass. I've long since passed clinical obesity (based on fat percentage, not BMI), although my poundage probably wouldn't phase someone taller than me. It's gone past the discomfort stage and into problems with my health. My tiny feet that already have and will have problems cannot support my weight during rigorous exercise (hence the elliptical machine, which takes the stress off the arch). My back is beginning to hurt. Circulation to my hands and fingers is getting problematic. I suspect it's affecting my menstrual cycle. I'm afraid of type II diabetes. Even at my young age. All of those are aside from the serious self-image issues surrounding my body as a whole. Therapists have tried to get through my logical illogic, and it hasn't worked. It always comes back to not liking or sometimes not even recognizing what I see in the mirror. And for the record, not being butch-identified, I don't appreciate being confused for a teenage boy. ... Okay, I'm done here. Not even halfway done with my issues, but I'm done here. Now for the encouragement for a healthy and happy weight loss toward your necessary goal without feeling pressured into a body type that your body isn't meant to fit.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2009 on The Fat-Positive Diet at Greta Christina's Blog
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Self-promotion? I'll give you self-promotion. I make cute jewelry that you can find at: My most recent series are my Swarm series (honey-colored items) and Summer Highlights series (which celebrate summer and last only a season).
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