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Guys, this is a beta. Why are so many expecting a beta to have all features and work perfectly? It's in beta so they can get it all working, and then I'm sure they'll add new features. It doesn't play, and you say it's a dealbreaker. Remember that it's a beta. They have support: Look in the settings, you'll find it in there. They have been helpful to me. Only plays on PC. They've said they want to have it as a channel in PlayOn, so I'm sure they will, once it's all working. Then it won't be PC only. The point is to be able to watch something whenever and wherever you want, without Internet access needed when you want to watch. Is it useful for me? If I traveled, I'd love it because I could bring my laptop and not have to try to stream on a hotel connection or something. If I want to download at night and not use up the bandwidth on others during the day. But it won't be TRULY useful to me until it's a channel in playon. Cool program, needs to be able to record new episodes like TiVo with a season pass like thing, and to be played through Playon itself, and I'd love it.
Earlier tonight, I had to reactivate my Xbox 360 back to my streaming devices, but as said, there was an update to its app tonight. I just tried Wii and PS3, and it's working fine there, now at least. I haven't checked TiVo, but I'm not expecting any issues there now at least. Charter 18mb service, Western Mass near Springfield.
I've had some issues with streaming during the evening hours in the New England area, but I had attributed it to my Internet connection slowing around then as a whole. I don't think Charter set my area up properly, because the SDV in our area also gets saturated, and I can't watch the channels I want all the time. Overall, though, the Xbox seems to be able to capture an HD stream a little better than the PS3... But I'm not 100% sure on that.
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Nov 9, 2010