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Great article. One thing that's not mentioned about vehicle platooning here, though, is that it's also bounded by road cleanliness. The higher the speed of the vehicles the more road grit is thrown up. Trailing vehicles suffer more and more impacts from road grit the closer they are to the vehicle in front. Vehicle damage becomes an issue. The world is a messy place. In areas that see snowfall it's going to be difficult to keep the roads clean enough to allow platooning at all at certain times of year. Some areas that don't see snowfall are remote yet still have high traffic roads (central California, freeways around Las Vegas and other cities in the U.S. south west, etc.) so there'd be increased infrastructure costs to keep them clean. Besides all this, debris often falls from vehicles so platoons are likely to be thus affected at completely random times, on random patches of road. V2V can help, here, but there's still going to be some initial vehicle or vehicles that are impacted. Due to this reality, the road capacity gains from platooning are frequently overstated.
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#7, "Search the body of e-mails" already existed in iOS before iOS 5. Also prior to iOS 5 the state of the "Details" info view containing the "Mark as Unread" control was persistent between viewing of different emails once it was togged on or off. So once you turned the "Details" info on then the "Mark as Unread" control would always be just a single tap away.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on E-mail improvements in iOS 5 at iPhone J.D.
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