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Charles Lupica
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I took a much different path but no less expensive. I went straight from analog to a Nikon D80. But the kit lens was absolutely horrible and I became so dissatisfied that I dumped Nikon altogether (after 25 years of Nikon cameras) and went to a Canon 5D Mark II. I use the macro all the time, but the close-up tube stays in the bag. My twist to this story is that my wife wouldn't let me sell the old Nikon gear to offset the cost, she took it. Now she and my 10 year old son use it. Wish I had started with a P&S so that they weren't shooting with a Nikon D80 (equiped with a better lens). Perhaps I should buy my son a cell phone :) and get him away from the dSLR before he actually figures out how to use it. Charles
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Jun 2, 2010