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Dear Kate, Long-time fan & gender outlaw here. I was just having brunch with a friend and we ended up talking about A Queer and Pleasant Danger (which is riveting), and she mentioned your health issues, so I found myself checking for updates. I'm glad they got the lung cancer and sad about the lymphatic cancer. Since you're in yet another phase of transition, I wonder if you've considered switching to a plant-based diet? I recently watched the old documentary "Eating" (similar to "Forks Over Knives" which I saw last year), where they extoll the health and emotional benefits of a plant-based diet, especially in terms of antioxidants and helping to keep our cells under control (i.e., fighting cancer). In case you have interest, you can research online for "vegan + cancer" (or check out "The China Study"). My site has lots of tips about eating vegan: Regardless of your choices, I hope your body and medicine help you get better fast. In case anyone hasn't seen it, donations to help Kate can go here: All my love and support, LuQ
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Apr 21, 2013