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Christie, I am glad you shared the story. Although you knew you might be dealing with something terminal, you certainly didn't expect Rawley to go then, like that. When Bennie died, it was not from the multiple myeloma for which he was being treated... he had an internal bleed that was fatal--while we were on vacation and not around his usual medical team, either. So difficult, yet the way you love him and always will love him is of devotion, beauty and honor. I hope sharing this helps you keep him near.
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Renter's insurance. Should cover for the move. Do you not have it now?
I would like that recipe too... it was a dish I had at Park Chow in SF on Thursday night. I bought some pesto in hope of recreating it, though. I'll let you know if I am successful. It made for some yummy quinoa!
Jill, reading your memories of your mother stirred me this Sunday morning. Perhaps it is common for women to have these strong remembrance of details like their mothers hands (my mother's had large knuckles and strong nails) or the unique rhythm of her feet as she walked along in her high heels. I think we daughters are so tied to our mothers all our lives, and those complicated women leave complicated wounds. My own mother died in 1982, when she was 59, after 3 years of cancer and multiple surgeries and their complications ravaging her body. A woman who had once been the strongest most independent role model I could have imagined while growing up, had become small, frail and dependent on others, though she remained feisty to the end. Thank you very much for sharing this.
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Mar 7, 2010