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I like to slide down rainbows and pop clouds
Interests: music, food, fashion
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When are you choosing a t-shirt winner? xoxox- an extra x just because i can...!/photo.php?pid=4125422&id=705806699 This is the back.... Hope you likeeee I will post the back of the t as soon as im done....maybe some more designs as well** Obviously the picture is the main focus and the shirt can be sleeveless or whatever....u know Loves it xoxo Jippee I finally figured out how to upload my photo!!!! Please check it out...i loves it! Will add the back of the t-shirt design as soon as its done.... jippee hopefully this works!
cinthia please tell me how does one post a pic? I just cant seem to get it right and its driving me insane....please help!! Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2010 at Paris Hilton
Paris I've got the cutest most prettiest design in da whole world(and im from sa)...but im having trouble uploading PLEASE HELP! i need to win ;)
how do I upload my t-shirt design...its so retro vs fashion!!! I want to show you!!!
till when can we send in our t-shirt designs....somebody...anybody...Paris...? **
Just joined the community in order to post a t-shirt design...its gonna be slick! just wait to see... loves it!
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Feb 23, 2010
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Feb 23, 2010