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I love this, David. You were right, our work really overlaps. You pictures even look like mine (see pp 22, 87-92 of The Power of Asset Mapping). So here's a challenge for you: what makes the cycle spin? That is, why do people choose to see and act on the "win-win" dynamic? Hint: it's not win-win. Its win-win-win.
This is an interesting asset list, David, and I like your idea about each person carrying and sharing their own. What I've learned about asset lists is that they are informative but NOT deterministic. Every item on the list can be seen as a positive or a negative to a collaboration, depending on how you choose to view it. Think of a love story with the two apparently mismatched lovers. Or say you are volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build, swinging a hammer next to a person you wouldn't have imagined.
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Feb 24, 2010
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Feb 24, 2010