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Jan 12, 2010
and since I never say good bye, I shall see you again.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on AVATAR Smashes Box Office Records at Avatar Blog
This is by far the best movie I have seen. My view on why the ticket sales rocketed is due to the fact that it is better than the reviewers said. the fact that Avatar had such a powerful effect on almost all the people who have seen it has caused something akin to an avalanche starting on Everest and not stopping. ever. I have a feeling that it will break 1billion, and I will say this again, as with other posts, this movie caused me to walk into the wall of grief on my path, and I hope it wakes as many people up to the wonders of being outside for your life. It also show us what we have become, a blood sucking sycophant that sucks everything out of the ground, and then turns the planet into a wasteland of cement, metal, glass, plastic, and garbage. (Sorry if I sound depressed or crazy, but it is how i feel.)
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on AVATAR Smashes Box Office Records at Avatar Blog
If they had consulted experts on tribal/primitive living and customs (current example: Tom Brown Jr. for one, Grandfather Paul of the Lakota for another) they would have had a better time not getting into their necks in trouble. as to why they have Bioluminesence, it is in part to break up their outline at night, which I feel it does well. blue skin is probably to blend in well with the shadows, and they probably are more capable at sneaking up on a wolf (or a Viperwolf or is it the wolfviper? the things that Neytiri saved Jake from in the first scene that they talk to eachother) and touch it where a current hunter or army ranger/spec. op would probably never even know there was a wolf in the area. colour has little to do with knowing where things don't look.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on Why Are AVATAR Aliens Blue? at Avatar Blog
First I want to say that I though Avatar was the best movie I have seen. If people could understand, respect, *AND* follow the Na'vi ways (which in fact are the native American traditions/customs altered a bit to allow the movie to work with them) then this planet would be better off, and if we actually find a place like Pandora and it is inhabited by peoples like the Na'vi, then I would gather 3 people with me, who are farther along the path than I am, and have passed through the Wall of Grief, and attempt to keep THIS *points at our civilization and the planet* from happening to that planet due to stupid humanity/people (not that I am saying any of you are stupid, I don't know you, you can judge that for your selves). So I would go with Pandora 100% as long as the stupid people are left behind who don't know ho to adapt.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on The AVATAR/Matrix Connection at Avatar Blog
the sad part is, heather hays, that at one point we could do that in our own 'backyards' (for lack of a better word). I would like to have my whole life moved to Pandora, or at least me, with the ability to do what Jake Sully did, and become a Na'vi. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. the closest I feel I can get is the Alaskan wilderness (which is a continent away). if I could have one thing, it would be to become a Na'vi on Pandora.
In Response to MrLeg8: There are people who are like the Na'vi here on Earth. They are the old tribes, like the Native Americans (Ex. Lakota Tribe, Apache, and so on). Though many of the traditions and truths were lost back when the U.S. government screwed them over with reservations and religion, there are people who have started to try and learn and live as the elders have before us. I agree with what almost everyone has said. This movie struck a deep chord, and made me enter what we primitive skills people call the 'Wall of Grief'. I digress. I noticed a strong resemblance between what I have been taught, and the way the Na'vi seem to live. The way they walk, and how they are saddened when some animal has to die for them to survive (when Jake meets Neytiri for example), and thank it's spirit. Now it seems I have gone off on a tangent, oh well. In terms of the religion, they have Eywa, which is The-spirit-that-moves-through-all, which is the native American "god", it is the creator that is in every tree, every rock, every mountain, it is in and is everything. There are also some resemblances to different tribes based on geography. The Plains Na'vi were the "horse"-people, and what did the Plains Indians (Native Americans) ride (at least later on after the "civilized" people arrived from Europe? ponies and horse. I almost guarantee that the Coastal Na'vi had water craft like the Aleutian Baidarka or the Greenland kayak, or types of canoes, like the hollowed out that the wampanoag used. Where was I going with this? I don't know anymore. Anyway, I think James C. should leave this alone, unless he can rightly and truthfully say that the next one will be as good or better than Avatar. Avatar is the only movie that has inspired any emotion to the point of tears for me. if he can do that again, he may be my guest. otherwise he might just ruin it, sort of like the Pirates of the Caribbean issue.
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Jan 3, 2010