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Because Mark is higher up than Brenda, and is the person who is responsible for evaluating her performance, if Brenda and Mark decide to continue pursuing dating in the workplace, then Brenda and Mark should disclose it to the company. Even though the company may not have any rules in dating in the workplace, as mentioned in the blog - ethical people do not need rules in order to make their life decisions. By disclosing this information, that will allow the company to decide whether they want to allow for Mark to continue being the person to evaluate Brenda, or have someone else evaluate her. This would avoid conflict of interest, but as stated, there may be resentment from Brenda's coworkers. To avoid this, Brenda could confide in her closest coworkers to clarify that her relationship is not tied to her evaluation and she should consider requesting to work potentially on another floor or area not related to her boyfriend, Mark. All of these options and considerations are what Brenda should think about if she truly wants to pursue the relationship with Mark - she must understand that pursuing the relationship could put at risk both her and Mark's jobs. Brenda must always think ethically in this situation and possibly put herself in the position of the company to determine her decision on whether she should date Mark.
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Nov 10, 2019