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Hart ! What is that? " Never in the field of human conflict? " What's that? Who is speaking? You are faint but getting stronger. " Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few. " Winston is that you? What are you saying Winston ? Are you saying that once again we are at war? Are you saying that the brave few who dare challenge your once great state are to be praised? Perhaps you are saying that the Spitfire has risen like the Phoenix in the form of Tea Party? Is that what you are saying Mr Churchill?
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This is truly exciting. Who would think that after over 200 years since the first Boston Tea Party a grass roots movement could result in ripples in the pond that land on your shores. Over 200 years ago we parted our ways. Now after those same 200 + years, we are once again united. We are pulling for you. The true patriot has no government to lie with. The true Patriot has only freedom for a mistress. Tally Ho Brits !!!
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Feb 27, 2010