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Luxe & Lucid
washington, dc
interior designer and style enthusiast
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You can find Luxe & Lucid at its new home on the recently revamped Huntley & Co. website ... See you there and enjoy! Tricia xo Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2014 at Luxe & Lucid
Breakup, Breakdown, Breakthrough, Breakaway. Breaking Bread, Breaking News, Breaking Ground, Breaking Bad. Tough Break, Flat Broke, Broken Hearted, Goin’ for Broke. I thought I would have a little fun exploring all the ways we use the word “break” and its derivatives in our daily speak. This because I took a bit of a spill and broke my arm two weeks ago. I was mountain biking in Virginia and had a pretty nasty wreck – flying over the handlebars of a bike was never on my bucket list. However, what I clearly lacked in skills, I made up for in fortitude.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2014 at Luxe & Lucid
I enjoyed some exceptional work days last week. I was in Charleston visiting The Urban Electric Company. Urban Electric is a lighting company with a distinctive vision, brilliant products and a stellar team. I have been using their light fixtures in my designs for nearly a decade. In recent years, I started to design custom fixtures for them to produce. In an exciting development last year, UECo chose to select one of those designs for their permanent collection. The “Huntley” was born as a sconce for a client’s Bethesda home and can now can be found in residential and commercial... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at Luxe & Lucid
I mentioned in my last post that I like a little “rock-n-roll with my ladylike”. That statement describes more than just my fashion sense – it’s a personal credo, a balancing act and the foundation for how I design. Contrasting modern with traditional, sexy with conventional and subtle with provocative allows me to enjoy all the world has to offer. More importantly, it’s the incongruity and tension that makes a room or collection [and even a relationship] sing. Huntley & Co. interiors. Mixing pieces that seem incompatible gives an ensemble just the right edge. (L) Dries Van Noten, (M) unknown... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2013 at Luxe & Lucid
New York Fashion Week is coming to a close, and like so many, I’ve spent a significant amount of time trolling the internet looking at all the glorious goods. I like to think I have a healthy relationship with fashion. I’m not a slave to it, but I do enjoy pulling together my ensembles. I love to mix styles and textures to give my look just the right amount of attitude. Fashion is a form of expression much like interior design. The upside is that it offers immediate gratification and I can switch up my style every day if I... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2013 at Luxe & Lucid
Hmmm, January. This can be a challenging month. The holiday sparkle has worn off, a little too much winter lies ahead and we’re all a whiter shade of pale. I agree it’s tough to feel motivated when it’s cold and dreary outside and happiness is Haagen-Dazs and a Snuggie on Friday night. However, I’m a January baby and a Capricorn which means I believe from problems come opportunities and there is still reason to celebrate a month as gloomy as this. January can actually offer inspiration. Not in an obvious way, but beneath the surface and outside the box. As... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2013 at Luxe & Lucid
January 11 marked the seven year anniversary of Huntley & Co. Interior Design. Amazing how time flies! In honor of my biz’s birthday, I’m sharing seven sets of seven favorites. I typically champion quality over quantity, but it’s nice to be surrounded by inspiration – from design to television to words of wisdom – in abundance these days. Here’s to seven years of success, a fantastic 2013 and a life filled with beauty, humor and a healthy dose of fun. 7 YEARS OF HUNTLEY & CO. cM 7 ARTISTS I am OBSESSED with the work of the artists below. Need... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2013 at Luxe & Lucid
To do list for Tuesday, November 6: 1. Vote 2. Shop my Tastemaker Tag Sale on ONE KINGS LANE! - starts tomorrow 8AM west coast/11AM east coast - Tricia xo Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
After an arduous final push, I am happy to say, ze’ room is ready! Tricia and her team worked tirelessly to pull it all together. Now I can escape to my sumptuous and relaxed lounge with its soaring windows and glorious light whenever I am in New York. As you can see below, the space is already set for a party – a holiday luncheon that I intend to turn into an all-night bash. In fact, you’re all invited (through November 18). Let’s celebrate! Ahhhh, “home glamorous home”. Chic yet comfortable seating? Oui. Dining table nestled between dramatic art and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
'Ze girls have been hard at work! ... and tomorrow I will show you 'ze results! Bisous, M Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
Our Roche Bobois furniture arrived today. I had no idea how much work went into deliveries! Tricia told me she prefers to keep this part of a project “behind the curtain” so her clients can enjoy the magic of transformation and not get caught up in the stress of logistics. Zut alors! I watched and cringed and longed for a lovely glass of single malt scotch. Tricia’s wonderful team (including some determined and tireless manpower) worked their magic and made it happen. Well done! Now let’s go get that drink. Ciao, M. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
Hallo! C’est Marie, Tricia’s NYC client. Ms. Huntley is indulging me this week by handing over the reins of Luxe & Lucid. Which is saying quite a lot because she takes this little blog of hers soooo seriously. I just said to her, “Darling, relax. I’ll write about the ze’ room you are designing for me, throw up a few photos each day, and we’ll all get a big kick out of it.” Gorgeous is gorgeous. Let’s enjoy it! - BEFORE - I’m not much of a white-on-white girl. I like color – in my rooms, in my clothes, etc.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
I’m participating in a showhouse (yes, another one!) later this month, in New York. This particular event, the “Holiday House” benefits the Breast Cancer Foundation founded by Evelyn Lauder and is held at the Academy Mansion – an incredible upper east side property that left me speechless upon my first visit. Auspicious location? Check. Worthy charity? Check. Client? Hmm, not so much. As with all showhouses, that particular detail is missing. And with no real client, that means I have to invent one so that I have a jumping off point for my design and a concept to fall back... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
Like LL Cool J, I didn't go anywhere. I've just been busy. I've mentioned before that publishing L+L takes a lot of time and that I'm just not the type to half a-- it. So I've been on a hiatus from le blog and dedicating my time to all-things Huntley & Co. (as it should be). But that doesn't mean I've been chained to my desk these past few months. Here's a look back at some of my adventures since December. December_Art Basel & Design Miami Ridiculous art and mind boggling design amidst throngs of fabulous people from everywhere. December_Park... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2012 at Luxe & Lucid
I made a long overdue trip to the nail salon this weekend for a mani/pedi. And while scanning the assortment of possible nail colors from which to choose, I stumbled upon a stunning shade of peacock blue. It's one of my favorite colors in general - rich, complex, almost regal - so the thought of it on my fingertips was titillating. Sure enough, I love it. Not only do I think the shade of blue is absolutely stunning, but in a strange way, I think it complements my skin tone. It's funny then that some of the conservative loved ones... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
I am happy to write that the public spaces of chez Huntley are more or less complete. Hallelujah! And while I would love to give my readers a comprehensive 360 degree tour … it aint’ gonna happen. Apparently divulging too much about a project on ones blog limits its exposure elsewhere, I’ve learned. When did design get so damned complicated?! So alas another sneak peek will have to suffice. Hopefully the pix are enough of a fix – enjoy!  Tricia xo Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
 There has been a lot of activity at chez Huntley since my last update. I gave myself a Thanksgiving deadline for the public spaces, so once the calendar read October I had to get my a-- in gear. I actually like the pressure of a deadline. It gives you clarity and forces you to be decisive. And as I’ve mentioned before, that doesn’t come naturally when one is both the client and the designer. There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but the next few weeks will be full of exciting developments. For now, enjoy... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
I probably won’t be hired anytime soon by clients with a dark, wicked sense of style and a penchant for all things goth. After all, I live in Washington DC. Oh, but wouldn’t it be fun. I said to a colleague recently that the more homogenized design becomes, the crazier I want to be – with my interiors, with fashion and in art. And what better time to embrace the avant-garde and darker side of style than on Halloween. It may be just a fantasy, but I would love to find some risk-taking, live-out-loud clients, throw the rule book out... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
Hi Laura. I think I purchased the Darphin balm at Blue Mercury. Good luck!
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2011 on Tricia's 10: Skincare at Luxe & Lucid
I had a busy week. Meetings, travel, design events, etc. A jam-packed schedule isn’t necessarily enjoyable mid-stream, but I always love the results. I meet new people, see interesting things, get inspired, and in general, shake things up a bit. Between DC and New York, I stumbled upon some fabulous finds this past week. Whether it was design or fashion, food or art, it seemed that new and exciting things were available and in abundance. Of course there is never enough time to take it all in. It’s a good thing I am able to document it all with my... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
We lost a visionary this week. Steve Jobs died at the age of 56. I grew up listening to stories about Steve Jobs (my father was in the tech industry*) and watched as his products developed over the decades and changed our world. Anyone my age or older has seen a remarkable transformation in technology since our youth. And with the death of Jobs, the enormity of those changes becomes impressively clear. He took a medium that was once tedious and cumbersome and turned it into a thing of style, beauty and finesse. Moreover, he did it from the inside... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
I created the inspiration board below for a client this week. The concept of “bespoke-modern-organic” is specific to this particular project, but it’s also an underlying theme I try to channel in my work. I often find that design is at its best when it is inspired by something true and natural. And I don’t mean conservative. Mother nature is not exactly bourgeoisie; she rocks some pretty crazy stuff. She informs some of the most interesting, avant garde art and design. She’s the perfect muse. Samples of stone slabs and my Christmas wrapping from last year. The “bloom” of the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
I’m inspired as of late. I’m finding crazy/wonderous/beautiful things everywhere I look. It’s like I’ve snapped out of a foggy stupor. I haven’t discovered a new vitamin or taken up Buddhism, but I have made a committed effort to unplug from the oversaturated and under-inspired world of regurgitated design. It’s become pretty obvious lately that most of what’s online, in magazines and in the stores is the same recycled concept over and over again – i.e., a random mix of genres with the ubiquitous pop of color, pseudo-ethnic pillows and obligatory mid-century focal piece. Bleh, enough! In this day and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
As mentioned in my last post, I added an extra day to my northern California vacation so I could spend some time in San Francisco before heading back east. I hadn’t been to the bay area in years and had honestly forgotten what all the fuss was about. But I figured why not make a pit stop in an old stomping ground and segue a bit more gently back into life in DC. I was more than taken with the heavenly weather (68 degrees in August) and the lively urban atmosphere – crowded cafes, locals out walking their dogs and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid
Not exactly. I actually have a fabulous post ready to go. I just can't seem to publish the damn thing. Too many photos, too many megabytes. I've tried to upload it about forty times over the last five days and nothing seems to work. I am more than a little suspicious that Verizon - and our ridiculously slow internet speed - is the culprit. That company is the devil! Unfortunately that means "Scenes from a Vacation - part II" won't be seen for a few more days ... until I can make it over to my boyfriend's house and borrow... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2011 at Luxe & Lucid