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Robin Luymes
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Thanks for great post. It's something I've noted for years when speaking to PRSSA groups or visiting PR classes at area universities. Like you, I have come to the conclusion that competent young men who decide to pursue a PR profession should have easier access at least to their first job (how they progress after that is up to them). When I was in college, there were few institutions even teaching PR as a major. The path to PR typically passed through journalism, and there were plenty of guys studying journalism, which requires many of the same skills as PR. I'm curious to know if there are fewer males studying journalism today compared to 25 years ago. I also wonder if a part of the problem lies in high schools and lower interest/focus on reading and writing. I am speaking at two upcoming PRSSA conferences in Michigan and I will make it a point to see what percentage of the attendees are male. I predict it will be less than 10% of the total.
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Feb 28, 2012