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I have not seen the movie, but there seems to be a reoccurring theme in today's hollywood. Challenging what real is & playing with words- ala perception vs reality. Kids getting their rocks off on the everyday person's psyche. Realizing the volatility of human nature they take advantage and act like they are teaching something- maybe they are saying something. Are our short lives something to be utilized or played with? Phoenix & Affleck reflect this as well. Surprisingly poking fun at the human condition that River himself (sadly) succumbed to in his own point of view. I guess whatever pov you need to get by in life. But I can't help but feel protective of the everyday person looking for something/someone true to believe in. Seems some take advantage of their resources & take nothing seriously- including their own talents. Seemingly recklessly influencing others in whatever whim takes hold of the child heart. 'What can I get them to think?'-childlike power w/adult intelligence. Sounds dangerous. Very Dada twisted with a devil may care attitude. Seems like a waste of attention. But they did get me talking.
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Dec 23, 2010