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Lawrence Weisdorn
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Putting all the naysayers aside, this is still a great step in the right direction. It is initiatives such as this that might finally help us break our addiction to fossil fuels.
The rest of the world is striding forward with the hydrogen rollout and US Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu is holding the US back. I wonder who is right, Stephen Chu or the rest of the world?
Another city steps forward with a zero emission initiative. We must continue to support these efforts so that we can finally get off of fossil fuels.
The first production version of anything is going to cost more. As production numbers come up then costs come down. We should all be supporting these types of initiatives to eventually get to a zero emission transportation solution.
Wintermane2000, you are absolutely correct in estimating the size and the weight of the equivalent battery pack. The cost of the batteries have come down somewhat and you can now buy some pretty decent lithium ion packs for around $500 per kWh. So the pack would only be $400K. Vision just sold their 1st Tyrano to the Port of Los Angeles for $255K. So your choice. Which would you rather have, one entire operating hydrogen fuel cell truck or slightly more than half of a battery pack?
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May 21, 2010