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Things never really change much over time, do they? From Pictorial Lighting (First Edition) by William Mortensen 1935: "Far more than considerations of convenience are involved in this move for simplification. In a clutter of equipment lies the way to aesthetic, as well as economic, bankruptcy. Nothing can so distract one from the main issue in an art as the piling up of incidentals that go along with it. In photography this mania for equipment has gone to the most absurd extremes. The advertising pages of every photographic publication set forth in high astounding terms the advantages and virtues upon dozens of expensive gadgets that you simply cannot afford to be without. And thousands of pictures are ruined every day because the photographer is too concerned with his latest acquisition of equipment to pay any attention to the picture he is taking" :Page 13 "It should not be necessary to make apologies for achieving a simplification in the complicated procedures of photography, but such is the perversity of human nature, that people are often insulted when shown a simpler way of doing a thing that they have accomplished by Herculean efforts. Simplicity of equipment also goes against the very instinct very strong in many amateur photographers-a sort of magpie instinct for collecting pretty, gaudy trifles. These, if they cannot break themselves of the habit, might perhaps with greater profit take up collecting old china.": Page 15 This book is a great text on photographic lighting that I read about once a year. I strongly recommend it. Christopher
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