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The Government has shown that it has listened to the groups who care about people health! (well actually they did not) The alcohol industry beats the drum and the Government dances to the tune! The health & social care professions, along with the police need to up our game because the basic truth is they are not listening too us! A more unified front is needed, play the game more like the industry! The Nation is going to pay the price in the long run because the Gov listens only to one side, the wrong side.
Warnings on Social Media by Outraged Councillors and others sounds like they really want to do something about alcohol issues. A more lasting solution would be to put warnings on bottles explaining that if the contents are consumed all at once or two rapidly this can make you violently ill or in fact lead to death. So if people want to warn young people about the dangers of alcohol, don't blame a passing fad, blame availability, access and culture we have created and legislated for.
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Feb 27, 2014