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Dearest Perfumanic, I honestly can't way which of the scents I wore were the most productive in the "get'er done" category. All my serious guys/dates would only say, "You sure smell good". That was about it. I may have appeared to be a wild child but I didn't "become a woman" until the age of 28. I picked the guy, the place, and time. I was deathly afraid of pregnancy so I even went to my gyn to get on birth control since I was turning a new page on my life. I honestly think the affect of any of the fragrances I wore was definitely more for me than them. I still feel that way. Isn't it amazing the smell brings back so many memories both good and bad. I would hate to lose my vision, my hearing, but I would hate so much to lose my sense of smell. The smell of my son's head when he was a baby and little kid, the smell of a little kitten, the smell of new clothes, new shoes, etc. And especially, I will always want to remember, even when I am a spirit, is the smell of fresh grass. I even have the fragrance produced by THE GAP called GRASS. It's pretty old, but it's still good!. But that is one scent I will always want to be able to remember. What about you? Lydia
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While we're all remembering about perfumes, scents -- I vividly remember some of my all-time "get'er done" fragrances, i.e. scents I wore on dates when I was single. I didn't move away from home until I was 27 years old. I was my folks' "Only" and they had been professional music performers. My mom sang leading roles in Cincinnati's famous Zoo Opera and my dad was popular in Light Opera circles and sacred music. Later on, after I came along, they got into public school music teaching. So we were very very close. I finally got up enough nerve to move out of their house in 1968 when I was 27. My girlfriends and I were dating a circle of guys that we had met at various Singles clubs, one in particular called JOPA. I got my own little effeciency apartment at a Singles Apartment complex in Cincinnati called THE FORUM. It was exclusively for Singles back in that time. It still exists right down the street from me now but it's for anyone. Anyway, I had a good job, my own cute little car, a bunch of girl buddies and no boyfriend. Something was definitely missing. When I finally got my own little place, I didn't go WILD, but let's face it, it was close to the SEXY SEVENTIES. I was not a lagger now. I dated a whole lot!!! And I wore fragrance. I experimented and I had a wonderful time doing it. Estee Lauder's YOUTH DEW, and some of her older fragrances (can't remember the names)but remember one named ALLIAGE. Royal Secret was a winner. Does anyone remember CALENDRE? Loved it! I will say this, IT WAS FUN BEING YOUNG, THIN, AND BUILT, and being Single at that time. I loved so many of them and it makes me mad I can't remember the names but I am 71 after all and it's been a long time! On the night my husband Ken proposed to me, which was NEW YEARS EVE l979 into 1980, I was wearing PRIVATE COLLECTION. It's still my favorite! Did any of you wear JUNGLE GARDENIA? Wish I could afford to buy it now!! Anyway, I gotta go now so I can deal with the kids. You gals are wonderful and I am having so so much fun! Lydia
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Mar 11, 2012