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Sheldon Czapnik writes: "One wonders how many readers of this blog support the type of medical insurance system prevalent in virtually every other developed country in the world - one which relieves private enterprise of this particular expense." Perhaps Mr. Czapnik wonders where the money for this "particular expense" comes from? It comes from taxes on employment - quite severe taxes, actually (I've worked in Europe, so I know a little bit about it). There is, of course, an alternative system, one which truly does relieve both businesses and taxpayers of the expense of healthcare. It's called the free market.
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I'll gladly respond to Dale. The President is the head of state and, as such, he has a duty to uphold the dignity of his office and that of the United States. When he bows - be it to a prince, an emperor, dictator, or mayor - the whole United States bows with him. It is shameful when done before a king or dictator, because it betrays our democratic values. When done before a mayor, it is just plain silly.
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He's been programmed by aliens to bow when he sees an "Oriental"-looking person.
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All I can say as I look around at the current situation is, thank God we dodged that Sarah Palin for VP bullet.
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martin727 - You're conflating this with the story of the man found in a Tierra Verde canal.
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Watched it last night. I'm usually a tough audience when it comes to tearjerkers, but by the end I was pretty torn up. My wife only caught the last third, and she was bawling at the end. Kevin Bacon gave a flawless, pitch-perfect performance. If I hadn't known that he was Kevin Bacon, I would have believed that a real Marine had played the part. All of the performances were terrific. One scene that affected me early on was the confrontation with the TSA guy. Bacon was like a coiled spring. All of the pride and dignity of a career Marine came down to a moment of preserving the honor of the uniform. Again, well done.
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