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Pecan pralined sugar-coat my mind Can you guess from who?
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I think I know, but are we supposed to tell what we think here, or wait until thursday?
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Big News: Clue #1 at
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Amen, Holley, amen and amen. Holy Spirit, please warm my friend....
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on Beyond the Clouds at Heart to Heart with Holley
Providence....I did struggle this week, showing exactly what you speak of today....God's love. I recall a Facebook post, from the liberal side of my family (we all have them, lol), flabbergasted at the revulsion felt by that ex-SNL comedian regarding the Glee homosexual episode. Although she meant well, her reaction was not Christ-like, and of course in forgetting that she represents Him, gave the rest of us a bad name....once again. But in His unction, the Holy Spirit is speaking to them now, and I pray that they will, indeed, see His love, and not the world's bigotry.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2011 on End-of-the-week grace at Heart to Heart with Holley
Good morning, dear, sweet Holley, Firstly, I want to thank our dear Father for His unction to you, and secondly to share the verse he keeps bringing to my mind of late (partly due to my hubby recently losing his job). James 4: 13, reminds me that although I would like to "predict" what this week will bring, only He knows for sure and because of that I can rest assured that come what may it will work out together for good, as well. Yes, no matter what, it will be a good Him.
My hubby & just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary this past December, went through "empty nest syndrome" this past August as we sent our last into college away from home, so suffice it to say we have had our share of "roller coaster" rides, although thankfully to our heavenly Father, they have been few and far between. But, as of 2-weeks ago, we got on yet another one; this horrible economy hit our home as well, as my hubby was laid off. But, we don't get on these rides alone; we have the safe-keeping and strongest arms around us; the only One Who can see us through it all, and He is always faithful, even when we are not. "All things work together for good...." Thanks, Holley!
After reading this, your latest post, asking where are state of mind maybe of late, a question did pop into my mind: "Is this all there is?" To me, this is a strange question, especially for one fast- approaching the big "6-0", in just a few short years, and having had soooo much happen in them. But the most important thing did happen in those years; I was Born Again, and the answer quickly came....The Trinity. If the Trinity is all there is, what more could one ask for?! He is my All in All. As the Westminster Confession of Faith says, "The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." The big-60 is no longer scary, but a gateway to forever....
And let us not forget "The Rose of Sharon" !! May God bless you, richly and abundantly, for your ministry.
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Apr 19, 2010