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mine too skipped and froze and i bought a new dvd player and havent had anymore problems. i did receive a disk that was covered in chocolate (at least i hope it was chocolate!). in regards to a previous post i purchased a $60 SONY and it has played flawlessly for the past year so not all sony players are defective.
i received this email for my unlimited 3 out plan. i rent around 16 movies a month so i am not very low volume. i do complain frequently that i cant use watch it now because i have a mac so the extra savings make me a tad happier.
i am a fellow mac user and would love to be able to watch it now. it would help fill the spaces while the dvds are in transit. i never have one day turnover. i call and send an email every month asking when it will be available for mac. every mac owner should be asking so netflix knows there is a demand and it might hurry them up!
i would really like to live by typecast and get 4 gallons of milk or 12 dozen eggs for 12 dollars. things cost a lot more here in ct! as for cheaper rates for watch it now....i am all for it. i have a mac and cant use that feature.
i did the math and my cable costs about $1.55 a day. sounds like a bargin to me since i watch at least 2 hours a day!
i have had to call netflix a couple of times and have had no problems. i had to wait a few minutes but the customer service person was okay and settled my issues and best of all every one of them spoke english!!!!! i would be willing to wait a lot longer for any service that had reps i could understand and didnt hear training manual pages flipping when i asked a difficult question.
i was wondering if we could use their computer to sign up for netflix or check our netflix accounts. that would be funny if everyone is searching blockbuster shelves and then sprinting over to the computer and ordering them on netflix!