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As I read the article I had a sinking feeling that the class you identify may very well be more than 1%! Even if we were to go with it, who gets to say what is earned and what is not? IRS? (shudders)...
Welcome back! I believe the conservatives have a tough challenge ahead. They must show the electorate they are serious about getting results, however, the most visible way to do this is to slash entitlements/spending/"big government", etc. I think we agree that this is pretty one-sided, but seems to be the rhetoric that will take center stage for the upcoming weeks/months. Also, a focus on real GDP growth may appear to be taking a step backward with regard to the environment (one example...I feel certain there are many). I struggle with how someone/some party brings these things into balance. Maybe the problem is that real solutions don't fit on bumper stickers. Lynn B
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Nov 8, 2010