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I just read a news article that says Reed Hastings is stepping down as director of Microsoft maybe they will now adopt all the Linux Platforms for Netflix. We FREE Linux OS users can hope....
I think the point is that Netflix support all Linux Operating Systems the FREE ones too such as Puppy Linux and Ubuntu Linux and others like them!!! I want Netflix on my Puppy Linux. Amazon and Hulu work on it but Netflix has not adopted it as of yet!!!
@Mike thanks for the feedback on Blockbuster and GreenCine. I will monitor both sites for the newer released TV Shows that don't stream on Netflix that have the Very Long Wait DVDs category. If we get the newer DVDs TV Shows within about 3 months than we won't make any changes if not we will see with Blockbuster and or GreenCine about switching one of the 2 DVDs at a time over from Netflix. Thanks again, Mike! :)
@Perkins Cobb -- I'm only interested in DVDs not Bluerays -- I'm streaming Hell On Wheels from Netflix now. I will check the Blockbuster website for a while but that said it is discouraging what you are saying I might not find it worth while to split my DVD 2 at a time from Netflix to one at Netflix and one at Blockbusters in DVDs....
@David maybe that works in your area of the USA but it doesn't work in North Carolina unfortunately about mailing on Saturday....
@Perkins Cobb -- could you give some Blockbuster examples -- I am going to monitor their website to see. The new Movie releases I can wait for I'm talking about things like HBO TV shows such as Boardwalk Empire. As well as, Showtime and Starz TV Shows. Frankly, I agree with the posters if Netflix was a bit more honest and clear on what is going on with the DVDs. Are studios limiting disc copies? New employees were hired and need to be trained? I could understand that but just to not have them available for long periods of time well that is when I wonder if they are considering selling the DVD end of the business more seriously now! Then I think well maybe it is time to check out the competition on the DVD end of the business line!!!
@Ethan - Most representatives at Netflix are pleasant but still can be frustrating when some times it seems I know more about what's going on then they do with Netflix. Yes the representative said that.... I guess it could be possible it was never an official policy that would have been nicer to hear than making me think I was losing my mind.... I'm considering possibly splitting my DVDs or maybe even just switching DVDs to and keep the streaming at Netflix. If the newer releases end up being an issue of extended unending waits with the hope that Blockbusters may be better. A company that doesn't want to eventually do away with its DVD business might treat its customers better and provide better return. I will give Netflix more time to resolve the issue with the DVDs in case it has something do with new Employee hiring and training.
Yes, it is frustrating I have seen too in the last few months more short waits and newer releases becoming Very Long Waits for the first disc of the series. I wonder if Blockbuster DVDs are any better -- I'm considering them if it becomes to frustrating....
What I find frustrating with Netflix is they have very poor customer service reps -- Hulu has the best in customer reps. I called about a short wait disc in getting an addition one while it was coming to me because in the past that was what Netflix did. So I asked if they changed their policy in this regard which would be Ok it happens. But what got me angry is the Netflix Representative said they never did it before and made me feeling like they were saying I was lying about receiving an additional DVD while waiting for the short wait one. I asked if they were new and the customer service representative was very rude and said they work for company for 28 years and never gave out an additional DVD while for short waits. Netflix should focus on providing better Customer Service it is OK to change the terms but don't make the Customer feel like a fool!!!
My area here in Charlotte, North Carolina seems to be one of the areas it takes now 2 days for me to receive my DVDs. Last week it took 2 days to receive 2 DVDs at a time and this week I was suppose to get it today next day and have not received them so I guess I will get them tomorrow the second mail day! :(
@Samantha: I complained about the same thing to Netflix about watching PC to TV with RCA cables with Logitech Wireless keyboard with the old system I could zoom the video really big or at least full screen. The new Player won't let me do it. Most TV shows OK but the movies are terrible with four inches or more black sides top and bottom and the video only about 4 inches in the middle. I'm 50 and my Mother is 73 the larger the better for videos because our eyes are not what they use to be.... Next year my Mother would like to get a Kindle Fire she won't like the black sides. I asked Netflix to include a zoom button to help make the video bigger hopefully they will make the addition for us - soon!!!
I like Netflix to provide Zoom Video Button and Aspect Ratio Control Button to be able to change the viewing screen for example to 4.3 for PC to TV Viewing. I can no longer zoom the video larger with my Logitech wireless keyboard with the new Instant Player. They need make improved changes for zoom button and aspect ratio controls for the New Netflix Instant Player.
I liked Jericho -- I definitely watch it if it was continued with Netflix's help. Has a strong fan following! :D
I did not care for The River but did like Terra Nova so I would watch Terra Nova if it was continued on Netflix but not The River...
I'm glad it work for some just not for me and my Senior Citizen Mother. It takes the fun out of a show when you have to read it all and I have to do it out loud for my senior citizen Mom -- so it just didn't work out unfortunately for me and her.... I think we'll do better with the second Original "House of Cards" -- that should all be in the English language -- hopefully.
@ Kyle: because I and my mother are older and are eyes just aren't what they were when we were 20 or even 30 something. So yes I have to pause and read. This series didn't work for me and I wished it had an English language version. Frankly, I'm surprised for the type of show it is that many individuals would take the time to read subtitles. I could not see The Sopranos being as popular in subtitles at least in the USA -- just my opinion.
I wanted to like Lilyhammer especially since my Mom like him in The Sopranos. But when I have to pause and read every line because it is in Swedish it just doesn't work. Why didn't Netflix have an English version like Borgia streaming did??? :( Looking forward to the next Original "House of Cards" -- I think that one will work better for us. Disappointed that there wasn't an English language version of Lilyhammer....
Recently, I did have a frustrating time with Customer Service in trying to get them to fix Starz Live Channel sound. No one seem to understand what I was talking about. Finally did get them to contact Netflix research and glad to see now that the sound is back working with Starz Live Channel. Otherwise, I agree Customer Service by phone is usually quite good so if you don't have Free DVD call them! :D
I called Customer Service because I did not get the E-mail. The Customer Service rep today put me on hold and initiated the Free Holiday DVD for me. So just call if you have the DVD plan and ask them to fix it for you over the phone. I told them I didn't get the e-mail and they did fix it for me via phone. Getting my Free Holiday DVD Tuesday.
Zoom feature to make the video full screen remove the black spaces. 4.3 aspect ratio with full screen crop features I can do this with my digital tv so why not with streaming Netflix video!!!
PC World also has an article on AT&T confirming throttling of Mobile device on heavy users starting October 1st -- "AT&T to Throttle Big Users of Unlimited Data"!
Thanks Mike for posting this. I also saw on news that there was an article about AT&T throttling the heavy mobile users in October -- "Is AT&T considering throttling heavy data users?". It seems to been posted the same day I started having the buffering problems on Netflix and Hulu. Frustrating we all having problems even a Verizon subscriber. Hope it is straighten out soon -- very annoying!
I think from reading the news article on the Internet that this only pertains to the Latin American area that Netflix is entering. Maybe the Spanish speaking Americans might like it too -- but I don't it shows like All My Children. I think it pertains to the Spanish speaking community -- I think.
I wonder how many people would be interested in this show. Based on the description, I am not. With "House of Cards" I can see Netflix's interested based on the PBS -- BBC version but where's the statistics for this one??? I would like to see Netflix pick a Sci Fi show like provide the new home for "The Event" TV Show. If Netflix is going to get into the Original Shows too, shouldn't they at least find out what us members want to watch? Take a survey or something!
This seems to be a strange article to publish considering Netflix Customers have had problems streaming from Netflix all week long?