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Lynne Patrick
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I had it all planned out, at least in my head. All the goodbyes, all the thank-yous, all the don't-lose-touches. But now the moment has come, my mind is blank and my fingers are hovering over the keyboard without the... Continue reading
It's the winter solstice today: one of many days of celebration which fall around this time of year. And don't we need something to lift the December gloom! I think that's kind of the point: something to look forward to... Continue reading
Round about this time of year for the past few years I've begun to look back over the books I've read in the past twelve months with a view to picking out my favourites. This year I thought I'd take... Continue reading
Couldn't agree more, Jeff. We currently have about three inches outside my house - OK, so no need to shovel it away, but it's still slippery and dangerous. And no, it's not beautiful unless it's a long, long way away. And snow means it's COLD!
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Can someone enlighten me, please, about short stories? Why has their popularity waned so far? Once upon a time, not so very long ago, though possibly in the days before the internet invaded our lives, there were short story magazines... Continue reading
First of all an apology. I really thought that with a little help from my friends this post was going to appear last Thursday. But, well, technology and I simply don't get along, and somehow it didn't. So here it... Continue reading
Yes, sorry to tell you, but it’s Chris Nickson in for Lynne yet again. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been banging on about the book launch I’d been planning. Well, it happened, in the very best surroundings any... Continue reading
Every woman should have a man like you behind her, Jeff. Unfortunately, there aren't enough to go round.
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Chris Nickson here for Lynne again (please stop groaning at the back). It’s tonight. A big book launch for me, as I send my new novel, Free From All Danger, into the world. For several years I did the usual... Continue reading
I wasn't chastising - just didn't want you to miss out on an opportunity while my Thursdays are tied up and you're being such a friend covering them for me!
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This is Chris Nickson, in for Lynne again. I received a couple of lights raps on the knuckles after last week – including one from Lynne – for talking about promotion and then not doing any of it on here.... Continue reading
There’s so much noise out there. Too much noise. It seems as if every book that’s published arrives with a fanfare – as the author would want, of course. But it’s also there for every cover reveal, sometimes you feel... Continue reading
I’m sitting in for Lynne for a few Thursdays as she needs to take care of some family problems, so I trust you’ll bear with me. I’m a writer and so, of course, I create female characters. But as a... Continue reading
We love the blog too, Crystal. That's why we think it's time to call a halt, before we run out of things to say and start to bore our loyal followers.
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I think you made a pretty good job of flagging up Sleuthfest yourself there, Philip! Hope it all goes well.
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Thanks, Crystal. Unfortunately, my mother wouldn't be able to cope with an audio book either; she can read in a physical sense, but the problem is holding enough information in her mind to make sense of the story. It's sad, but it's how things are.
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Every TV drama I watch these days seems to come with a warning about 'explicit content' or 'scenes some viewers may find distressing', which I have to say I find more than a little patronizing. Most TV sets come equipped... Continue reading
The biggest mystery in my life at the moment is what's going on inside my 94-year-old mother's mind. One thing is certain: she can no longer hold information in her head for long enough to make reading a novel a... Continue reading
You have a great family, Jeff. Here's to the next 60! Hair's looking good, by the way. Onward and upward - or do I mean outward?
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Guilt seems to be part of some people's psyche, and they feel guilty about the oddest things. A friend fessed up the other day that she feels no guilt at all about buying a dozen bottles of wine – but... Continue reading
Isn't it interesting how words move on? Back in the 1960s and 70s, which, yes, I'm old enough to recall quite well, things became trendy if they were popular, or perhaps more accurately, the new big thing. There are those... Continue reading
You're so sweet, Jeff...
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Dare I say it's been a quiet week on the home front? If I do, the phone will ring, my mother will have had another crisis, I'll need to head forty miles over the moors with an overnight bag in... Continue reading
I hate flunking out of a Thursday, but a crisis with my 94-year-old mother (which turned out to be a storm in a teacup) has eaten most of my day. Back next week, unless there's another. Continue reading
Over this side of the pond they use the Centigrade scale these days, though those of us old enough to remember real money still double it and add thirty to make it sound more impressive. But however you count it,... Continue reading