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What a great article! I agree that the beauty of the bahn mi is equal to the sum of all it's parts - but what a terrific experiment! I could see myself deconstructing the flavors of my absolute favorite sandwich of all time, the bahn mi. Of course, I'd have to go to all the best bahn mi vendors here in the Boston area to do some serious research. Ah, it's a a tough job but *someone* has to do it... ;-) A thought I had about how thin this turned out for you - perhaps making the homemade mayo extra thick by using less oil (I think - haven't tried this yet) to start? Just an idea...
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I lived in Arizona for a couple of years, and was in complete culture shock (having come from the very multi-culture Boston/Cambridge area. My son at the time was dating a beautiful girl who was originally from Mexico. On one of our visits, her mother (translated through the older sister) said that I was not like other [white] people in Arizona. I took it to be the greatest complement, having come across some shocking racist views from other whites (it's amazing - other white people would assume I felt the same because I'm also white). Massachusetts is once again my home, and I was considering re-enrolling in Pima Community College online to finish my degree. In fact, I had enrolled - today I am mailing a letter explaining that I will NOT be attending their college because of this bill.
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May 3, 2010