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Lynne Patrick
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OK, enough on the dreaded P-subject now. With a little help from my friends (thanks a million, Pepper!) I’m doing my level best to condemn as few books as possible to the shredder. Charity donations are top of the list.... Continue reading
First of all, thank you to everyone who responded, by e-mail or comment, to last week’s post about the dreaded pulping of old stock. I’m sorry I didn’t respond back; the truth is, I didn’t know what else to say.... Continue reading
Well, here we are, nearly a week into a new year and those new beginnings I mentioned still seem to be a long time coming. Mainly because there are still – still – so many loose ends to tie up... Continue reading
I can’t believe this is my last blog post of 2010. Where did the year go? Where did the decade go? Come to that, where did my life go? Not only is it my last post of the year; it’s... Continue reading
In about ten minutes, technology permitting, I’m going to switch off the computer, lock the office door and take a whole week off work without any sense of guilt or feeling that there must have been a vitally important task... Continue reading
I’m an inveterate list-maker, having arrived at that time of life when I forget things if I don’t write them down, and it occurs to me that in four years (I think) of Dead Guy posts I’ve never succumbed to... Continue reading
Things are moving again. After almost a week of suspended animation, when it’s felt as if some meteorological omnipotence had uttered those dreaded words, ‘I’ll just put you on hold for a few moments,’, and my entire life came to... Continue reading
Well, guys, my small attempt to set the record straight about book pricing seemed to go down pretty well. So last week, in the wake of that little success, I made a list of things in the book trade I’ve... Continue reading
I knew my attempt to provide actual information from the sharp end last week would provoke a reaction. It did, though not the one I expected. I thought some people might ask why small publishers do it at all, since... Continue reading
Honest, that’s what this is. Though I have a feeling some people won’t believe it… The book trade seems to be a bottomless source of myths. One is that publishers pay a six-figure advance every time they accept a manuscript.... Continue reading
You wanted a rant? Here’s a rant. It should probably come with a health warning: stand well back and take precautions against explosion. This rant has been brewing for some time… I’ve kept well clear of all disputes and discussions... Continue reading
No one who follows, or even dips into, Dead Guy can fail to be aware of my love-hate relationship with technology. This time yesterday my fingernails were in serious danger of extinction, not because of something technology had done, but... Continue reading
Someone once suggested that the main route to a happy life is to decide what you enjoy doing best and persuade someone to pay you to do it. Writers are good at the first part. Not that writing is pure... Continue reading
You wanted a rant? OK, here’s a rant. I think I can guarantee that some people really will call me old-fashioned after they’ve read this, but I’m not apologising. Nor am I offering excuses for sidestepping the crime fiction brief... Continue reading
You know what? Not running a publishing company is almost as hard work as running one. This may change, of course. But for the time being it appears nothing has. I’m still heading for the office every morning. Still fielding... Continue reading
I came to the office this morning with every intention of getting straight to my weekly blog post, but no idea what I was going to post about. Nothing unusual, but in the past something has always popped into my... Continue reading
Isn’t it strange that two days after you get back to normal life after a couple of weeks away from it all, normal life has closed around you and the break feels a hundred years ago? This time last week... Continue reading
This is coming to you by the wonders of technology and the goodness of Jeff Cohen’s enormous heart. I’m not here. Well, I’m here; everyone has to be somewhere. But here at the moment you’re reading this is not my... Continue reading
Note: All of us at the blog mourn the passing of David Thompson from Murder by the Book in Houston, TX. He was a great advocate of crime fiction and a wonderful friend to authors in the genre. We'll have... Continue reading
Gratuitous violence. I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard those words in a panel discussion. It has come up at just about every crime convention I’ve attended, and it’s often the topic of heated debate in... Continue reading
First of all, an apology to our much-missed blogger emeritus Sharon Wheeler, for nicking the name of her review website as a header for this post. Sorry, Shaz, but it fitted so perfectly I couldn’t resist. Cos my reading of... Continue reading
Excuse me while I hold my swollen head under a cold tap. No, I don’t have a hangover; it’s swollen in the other sense – puffed up with pride because someone said something really, really nice. Two people, actually. This... Continue reading
If you believe what you read in the gossip media, my days as a publisher are numbered; conventional publishing is on the way out, eBooks and digital short print runs are the way the future lies. Then again, the same... Continue reading
When Crème de la Crime was starting out, one of our first titles was set a few decades in the future: a time when everyone had access to computers, the way a recent British government planned to arrange things before... Continue reading
Everyone’s entitled to one guilty secret, so I’m going to ’fess up to mine. I’m a big fan of Gilbert and Sullivan. And if that makes me an old fogey, I can live with it without shame. It’s not really... Continue reading