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That banner set is fantastic, and now the design team has put a bunch of older stamp sets onto my wish list as the banners really do go with everything! The Twist cover plate is gorgeous whether cut or embossed!
I love the soft vintage colors and the mix of book print and glitter! Lovely
Gorgeous! The background is fabulous and the poinsettia is a lovely finishing touch!
Love the stamping on patterned paper, such fun!
Mod is right, this tag has such fun attitude!
Love the instant ruffle you get by fanning out the creases at the edge, and such cheerful colors!
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FANTASTIC! Jennifer makes all these techniques so accessible, what a great teacher she is!
This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love every little thing about it, and. Now I *NEED* more dies!
The twine trees are so cute and add such great dimension!
Love all the glittery texture on the tag, very cool technique!
Love the pastels, so sweet!
Kudos to you for taking the time to work and grow. It is difficult to move into new areas where you lack expertise, especially when you are so used to being well above proficient in another area of your art! You want to instantly be as good in other areas and it can be very humbling to expand. Your progress is fantastic and the last pieces are going beyond classroom exercises and into an expression of your own vision. You are showing us the figure through the lens of your own experience. I hope you keep going!
Lovely project, and it is nice to see some markers specifically designed for coloring rubber!
I change the delivery time every time I make a post, following the instructions that Kristi @ Creative Kristi mentioned. The delivery option times are two hour slots, so when I complet my post I change the time slot to the nearest upcoming time. The other trick to ensure success is to then Ping feedburner. It checks for an update every half-hour or so. If you completed a post at 4:45 for example and set the delivery option to 5:00-7:00, it oculd miss updating. Pinging Feedburner makes it immediately aware of the update. Go to My Feeds > your blog feed > Troubleshootize tab and click Ping Feedburner, it is the first thing listed in the content area of that page. Then put your blog address in and click Ping! It will give you a successful message back, and your update will be emailed as soon as the delivery option time range commences! Easy!
I am most eager to try the new Mists and the new formulation of Liquid Pearls, but will probably try all of it, given time! :-)
I collect things related to Alice in Wonderland and have done for 20 years or more - not a fad with the new movie although I am so pleased to see Alice rocketed back into the public eye!!! I also collect books. I have to call it a collection now that it is well over 2,000; an incurable disease that needs no cure!! Love your crosses, they are inspirational in MANY ways, lol!
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I love your card! The way you have the hardware and ribbon at the top like the pendant hanger is brilliant, and I love the way you pulled the color palette from the inspiration piece! Fun!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2010 on Oh Alice Challenge! at Kreative Jewels
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This is actually my favorite of all the sneak samples, and no coloring, I can't believe it! Gorgeous set of cards, what a wonderful gift! I was wondering - your paper, ribbon, and ink match so well. What brand are you using? I love how perfectly color coordinated everything is! These are a prime CASE candidate!
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I love Ranger products and I am thrilled that you now have a blog! Welcome to the blogosphere!
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