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Lynne Rutter
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FABULOUS great designs from one of my all-time favorite rooms!
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what a breathtaking garden! Of course running around gilding things never hurts! I am sure the wedding will be lovely
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SO lovely to see you there, I had a blast--- still recovering and exhausted from laughing so much!
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Ho can you go wrong with such a cool stencil? I love both of these ideas, but especially the deep blue.
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Melka, how timely is your post! A digital reproduction of this room is displayed in the Legion of Honor's show "The Cult of Beauty" along with the story of how Whistler lost his house in the process of arguing with Leland over the cost of this room. "The Gold Scab: Eruption in Filthy Lucre" a painting Whistler did in Peacock Room colors to mock his creditors is also on display. a great show- go check it out!
i can't wait to see it! congratulations, Helen!
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i love that stencil (and the flower) and what a great shot of the cat!
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beautiful! it's elegant and fun
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it's actually 50 running feet! and girlfriend you were born to paint like this. i hope we get to do another one soon!
this is so cool. i need a sweater this is so cool!
Melka this is lovely!!
what a sweet celebration of their friendship. and of course a beautiful beautiful mural! well done!
nice!!! i want the one with the little wheelbarrow. and just look at your garden! it goes on forever!
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Feb 27, 2010