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Stuart Lynne
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I'm not sure why more research into heart rate response in older well trained athletes has not been done. We keep getting calls for trained cyclists to do "studies" at the local university and any time I try to volunteer they say that they can't take anyone over 50. I suspect the under 50's have been studied enough and there would be some interesting things to discover with the over 50's crowd with respect to well trained athletes. At 62 I have the same max heart rate (within a couple of BPM) that I had at 50 around 188-190 which puts me about 30 away from the formula suggested value. Threshold a few BPM lower than 10 years ago.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2017 on Max Heart Rate and Performance at Joe Friel
Cycling Past 50 was my bible when I got started 10 years ago! Please please please .... its time for the Cycling Past 60 edition. My "race age" for 2014 is 60 (which means if I was to compete in CycloCross I'd be racing as 60 right now...!) Thanks!
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2013 on Aging: Customizing the Base Period at Joe Friel
Having the luxury of a local indoor track (Burnaby Velodrome) I just move indoors and do the weekly racing series. Lots of VO2Max efforts and lots of motivation so it doesn't get boring. I've improved my track and outdoor road racing skills pretty much every year for the last six years, 53-59.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2013 on Aging: A Clarification at Joe Friel
I'm finding as I get close to 60 that I can still get to the same FTP every year IFF I put the time in. But that it seems to get harder to put the time in and recover as you get older. More painful legs and aching back problems etc. Harder to do the hard training blocks.
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