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I was doing some research for a book I am currently writing on a new paradigm for marketing and came across this site and this discussion. Fabulous stuff. Thank you so much James for kicking off this debate. James: I love all that you are saying and would only “tweak” the term “Open Source Marketing” to simply “Collaborative Marketing”, as you call your company, and which is also the foundation of all the marketing I do, both for my own company and for my clients. And by collaborative, I don’t just mean that we utilise the collaboration of others to marketing our products and services, but the very way we market is based upon the fundamental value that if it isn’t good for the world, it isn’t good for our businesses either. Richard: I totally agree with your observation that consumers are already congregating around a shared value base, and I think all of us here would agree that it is the increasingly rich experience afforded to them via social media is what is allowing them to do so. You say all they need to do now is to take the next step of taking control. Rather than using the word “control”, I prefer to say that we, as consumers, will be required to claim our values as well as our boundaries. Of course, we as a culture cannot do that until we become more aware of how “old school” marketing compromises our values and our wellbeing in many ways, some more subtle than others. And under that umbrella, I also include mass media in general, including all areas of journalism, because at its bare bones, “marketing” is the means by which we have traditionally “sold” not only products and services, but also belief systems. And when you look at it that way, the rise of social media could not help but have a huge impact upon the face of marketing and business in general because we as a culture are no longer the isolated, passive addicts of a television culture, but an increasingly connected and vocal world-community comprised of an uncountable number of “tribes” of real people brought together common interests, common life challenges and/or common value systems. Bruce: I have to say I disagree with your statement, “I'd caution anyone to not jump to [sic] far ahead and claim that advertising will change as a result of this phenomenon.” I recently saw a superb presentation by Michael Drew called “Pendulum” on TED TV that I believe demonstrates to power of this new “movement” called social media, and how it is impacting the world. You can see it on YouTube at I think marketing is already changing—big time—and that it will be compelled to change for the simple reason that “Old School” marketing is making us ill as a society at so many levels (physically, emotionally, and even environmentally), and as a race, we humans already feel the need to make this change to save ourselves. Of course that claim warrants further explanation, but I won’t elaborate here (it’s actually at the core of that new book I’m writing). But of course both of us are speculating about the future based upon the perspective from which we now stand, so we’ll just have to watch this space and see what actually evolves. Again, thanks for the great discussion and the content, James. Lynn Serafinn
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Oct 17, 2010