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Three thoughts on this: 1. It's a smart idea. My guess is they'll attract some big-name clients right off the bat solely on the 24/7 concept. I applaud him for a unique concept and always want to see someone stepping out on their own in PR succeed. 2. Wondering how effective they can really be though. Say all hell breaks loose on twitter for their client at 3am. Are they empowered by the client to truly react to the situation? Are you going to wake the VP of Communications or CEO up from their slumber for some tweets? In 99.9 percent of situations, i think it can usually wait until 8am. 3. And finally, in your first decade of running a PR small business, aren't you 24/7 anyway?
Excellent post. I'm always amazed at how quickly some people forget, especially in the DC PR industry, that everyone knows everyone else. And word definitely does get around. Especially if you're a jerk.
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Feb 10, 2012