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You should try using toothpaste on the permanent marker. My roommate's 2 year old daughter took a sharpie to a piece of furniture her mom gave her and she was very upset. I found out on google that you can use toothpaste to get it off without harming the surface. You should test it on an out of the way section first, and don't use the gel kind, but when I tried it, it worked perfectly at removing the permanent marker without removing or damaging the surface.
"Now remember, I am like, super pregnant with baby #2. This means that a cake failure means that I am a failure. As a mother. More or less. How could I possibly have another baby if I can't even bake a cake for the one I've got? My husband tries to derail my train wreck of thought by repeating his "brilliant" idea: buy a cake. Could he have said anything worse? He is dealing with the situation like a man. Offering solutions and shit. I hate it when he does this. Plus, I take it personally. His suggestion confirms that I suck. Obviously." "...but when people tell me not to do something I pretty much get in line to do it." These sound just like me! I enjoyed your retelling ofyour cake adventures. I've recently taken to making birthday cakes for family and now I'm getting requests and they all expect them to be more epic than the last. Unfortunately, my last attempt was a master ball (an item from pokemon) and I just ended up with half a cake and a mess on the floor and counter where the other half fell off!
I actually have encouraged my kids to jump off the swing (after showing by example). I let them walk on top of the monkey bars, I let them play demolition sledding, we have Jedi lightsaber fights with sticks. I let my youngest eat cat food once when she was pretending to be a cat. (She did NOT like it.) I don't let them run in the street or go off alone, but I think a certain amount of calculated risk is good and healthy. (And fun.) Some might think I'm a bad parent, but that doesn't bother me. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 4, 2012