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Just be cautious of investing more nobility into your fellow atheists than they're likely to possess. Hatred of the Other requires no religion to exist. Sure, religions have preyed on this for a long time. But just as not all religions insist on hatred and fear as a motivating factor, not all atheists are free of bigotries. I've seen atheists argue against same-sex marriage. Pseudoscience independent of any religion can, has, and will argue in favor of racism. Your own desire to strip belief in deity from the world is an evangelical one, which is part of your problem with religion as well. That in and of itself is the seed of intolerance. So holding atheism up as the savior of the world is utter nonsense. Humans working together and recognizing the value of pluralism is far more likely to pull that off. An ancient Persian king once called for all faiths to live in peace together in his kingdom and that the atheist should be left alone with his/her decision not to believe. That to me is the ideal, not converting the world to one or another. One-way thinking is the path to bigotry regardless of why your way is better than anyone else's.
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Mar 20, 2010