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I fear that our common adversary is rejoicing in seeing the bickering among us these last few months. Paul warned about the subtle schemes of the enemy that would fracture the unity of the church. This scheme is not so subtle in my opinion. The world is watching how the church manages disagreements and internal conflict, and during this particular scenario there was very little that was distinctly Christian with a few notable exceptions: Dr. Caner's response being one of them. I realize that Dr. Caner has not self-castigated himself in front of the world as some of his accusers are calling for, but what I have noticed most is his silence. He has not answered those who have hurled stones at him from every direction or lashed out at anyone involved in this debacle. This is significant to me. Let's face it, Dr. Caner is not a quiet man. In fact, if I were to haphazard a guess I would say that his lack of "quietness" may be what planted seeds of "discrepancies and misstatements" in the first place. He has a larger than life personality, speaks his mind openly, has not met a topic that he views as taboo and sometimes says things that are a bit controversial, over-the-top and borderline inappropriate. I don't know what really happened; maybe his larger than life personality and tendency to give quick and direct answers resulted in him saying some things without thinking; maybe he exaggerated some facts, maybe he did it on purpose, maybe he didn't. I don't know and maybe never will. He does not owe me an explanation, even though I admit there is a part of me that would like to sit down with him and ask these things directly. What I do know for an absolute fact about Dr. Caner is that he loves God passionately and as a result he loves people with that same passion. He is a man on a mission; to spread the Gospel and to teach others to spread the Gospel effectively. Dr. Caner is determined to raise courageous and competent leaders for the cause of Jesus Christ. He is a leader that has made decisions at LBTS based on what is best for others not necessarily what would ensure him another year as Dean or a smooth ride with the Board. He has courage and conviction and from what I have seen, a genuine heart for others. Whatever the case may be in regards to his past I stand ready to offer complete and unconditional forgiveness to him and also to those who have accused him. It is my hope that the leaders of the campaign against him will soon lay down their arms and begin to see the error of their ways as well. I have been horrified and heartbroken over the name calling, swearing and generally despicable behavior that I have seen from both sides of the issue. This is not pleasing to the Lord. Dr. White could have reigned his followers in yet he chose not to do so, and those who support Dr. Caner would do well to follow his example of silence if they cannot honor God with their speech. In spite of all the brokenness that has resulted from Dr. Caner's missteps and Dr. White's misguided crusade, I know that I serve a God of redemption, restoration and reconciliation. How much pleasure must our common adversary take in the broken relationship between men as gifted as Dr. Caner and Dr. White. Imagine what they could accomplish in a unified state. Looking forward to His return, Melody
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Jun 29, 2010